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Help Center for Beginners



What is Aktively?


1. What is Aktively?

Aktively is an online marketplace for hobbyists and DIY fans who want to find and learn new skills and techniques with the local experts. While beginners can easily get started with the in-person support from the insiders locally; the experts will be able to monetize their skills and spare time as well as gain much more exposure and reputation.


2. Why shopping on Aktively?

If you are a person who loves making things, picking up new hobbies or wants to start a project of home improvement but without necessary skills or know-how, Aktively is the place for you. We can connect you with thousands of talented local experts to learn skills in person and get the expert’s insights from Day 1!


Becoming a proud Aktivelier, you can

  • search the directory of local makers online.

  • communicate with the experts online about your ideas, projects or questions.

  • receive one-on-one, hands-on training from local experts in their working studios near your neighborhood at a totally affordable price.

  • create your own focused class with an expert for a specific project at your convenient time and even place.

  • feel free to organize your private group to take the same customizable workshop with the expert.

  • get your ideas tested before making big commitment of money and time.

  • get the expert’s insight of the industry and market from Day 1, the best way to hack into the maker community and economy.

  • prepare for your first Etsy store or Kickstarter project here.


you can also

  • Try something brand new and get excited.

  • Hand make something that is very YOU! Brag about it.

  • Enjoy getting your hands dirty.

  • Send a unique gift to your unique ones.

  • Meet and share with the like-minded people.

  • Stay with your families making and celebrating.

  • Hangout with your old friends in a new style!

  • Farewell to the depression.

  • Get yourself endorsed.

  • Justify your craziness. Release your passion.

  • Get such a different and insider perspective of everything you are using everyday.

  • Do things you’ve only dreamed about.

  • Walk into your neighborhood, not walking by.


3. Why do I meet the host in person?

For many making skills, hands-on training is irreplaceable. So is the interpersonal communication. Aktively therefore provides five categories of skills, handcrafting, artisan food making, technology DIY, photography, and music, which largely rely on the hands-on training and in-person teaching.


Though an online platform, Aktively makes every effort to take advantage of the modern technology to make our offline making and sharing experiences easier and more efficiently. Because we value strong and healthy interpersonal relationship and we believe that “making” is what our lives mean as human beings and what we interact with the other people.


  • There are many kinds of arts and crafts that you cannot learn online: they ask for professional studio, machines, tools and materials. Also, following the tutorials is often really painful and frustrating. You will be provided all the facilities as well as the in-person guidance and help from the host, however, in all the workshops on Aktively.

  • You can see behind the gallery or the store shelf how those works are created and crafted by the artists or artisans.

  • You can hear the stories of the other people, about their lives, brands and experiences.

  • You can access to the well-equipped private studio of the artist or artisan, touching and using all the raw materials, tools, machines, and investing hard labor.

  • You can meet and share with the new, like-minded people during your making and learning.

  • You can explore much more into your neighborhood, community and the city: many makers live and work just around your community. Meet them at where they are--where you are.


4. Can I take the lecture, language learning, tasting workshop, walking tour, or purchase ticket to the concert or performance on Aktively?

We’re sorry, but we don’t offer those events on Aktively. We are a marketplace solely for serious hands-on skill learning. See question 2 in the section of “FAQs for Hosts”  to learn more about it.


5. Does Aktively offer skill trainings leading to the certificate or degree?

No. Unlike the art institute or professional school, we don’t design the systematic curricula for you to get the degree or certificate. We are superior because we focus on providing you the unique opportunity of learning whatever you need and want from a local expert in a working studio at a completely affordable price.


No need to travel afar. Stay in your neighborhood and learn. No need to wait for the general course go to the point you’re interested for a year. Design your own. No need to squeeze yourself into the fixed schedule of school. Set up your own time for class. No sharing with other people the classroom and instructor. Enjoy the full attention and valuable insights of the private instructor at an affordable price.


Surfing Aktively


6. How do I share my Aktively experience with my families, friends and colleagues?

It’s pretty easy! Click the sharing button on the reservation page. We strongly encourage you to sign up with your social media account so that you can share your shining experience with the others in one minute. Also, you can always invite your new and old friends to enjoy the making time with you!


7. How can I know whether the host is qualified enough?

No worry. Aktively dedicates to pick professional class or workshops and solely work with high-quality hosts.

  • We review every application very carefully and strictly before we can decide to list it on Aktively. Not only every core member of Aktively team but also our art and craft consultant will participate into the review.

  • We will visit and talk in person, whenever possible, to make sure the quality of the host and the working environment.

  • We always keep finding and inviting on board the outstanding artists, artisans and makers around.

  • We value the recommendation from the reliable Aktively hosts and community recruiters.

  • We are holding hosts meetups so that all the hosts can share their successful and frustrating experience in order to improve their teaching and making skills hand in hand.

  • We will regularly feature the most popular hosts and invite them to make some lectures to share their experience with the new hosts.

  • We value the customers’ feedback.

  • We review the performance of our hosts regularly and will warn those irresponsible for the quality and customer’s need, such as low quality of material, non-handmaking process, rude attitude, cancellation without proper notice, no show or be late often, no or seriously delayed response to customer, etc. For those who refuse to improve, we will stop working with them any more.

The most direct way of finding out the qualification of a host is to check the reviews of his or her class or workshop. And it will be very helpful for other users if you could leave your feedback and review after finishing the class.  


8. Can I contact with the host via Aktively?

Sure! The communication with the host is only one click away. Just click the button “Contact Me” on the host’s profile page and you can directly send messages to the host. You can always discuss with the host your idea, project, concern, question via message before you make decision and payment.


9. Where do I take the workshop if I book it on Aktively?

Unless you would like it to happen at your own place and the host you booked agrees to it, the place of workshop is determined by the host. You can find the approximate address of the studio hosting class or workshop on the host’s profile page. Whatever place it turns to be, it is

  • safe and legal.

  • equipped with the facilities needed during the workshop.


10. What should I bring or get prepared before the workshop?

It is different from workshop to workshop. Sometimes the host will provide all the materials and no need for your to bring anything; while sometimes the host may ask you to bring some necessary or optional stuffs needed; sometimes the host requests the participants to acquire some pre-knowledge about the skill or safety. In short, read the instructions carefully and follow them. If there is no such instruction, ask the host.


Payment and Cancellation


12. How can I pay on Aktively?

After communication with the hosts you’re interested in, you both will come up with a final price you both agree. The final price could go in two ways: (1) Hourly rate: Final Price=hourly rate*working hours + additional costs (materials, tools, space, etc.); (2) Flat Price: you both agree on a flat price including everything based on the hourly rate of the host and any other charge the host requests.

With this final price, the host will create an invoice and send to you, you can review it and think for the last chance whether you want to accept this price and learn with this host. After you make your decision, click the “pay” button and you will be required to fill out your payment information. You can choose to use either your paypal account or bank card. After several seconds, you will see the “successful” page to confirm your payment. You can also find and check the confirmation in your dashboard at any time.

After the payment, congratulations! You can enjoy the class or workshop at the assigned place and time with the host you have chosen.


13. How will Aktively process my payment?

You have to pay the full amount to reserve a class or workshop with a host. The payment, however, will not be sent to the host’s account until 24 hours after finishing the class or workshop, and only when you don’t have any complaint with the class or workshop.


If you have complaint filed within this 24 hours, we will suspend your money and will not release it until we make our final judgement based on our research.

If you file your complaint more than 24 hours after finishing the class or workshop, you need to file a dispute with the host and negotiate with the host the final result. We’re happy to help whenever needed.


14. What if I want to cancel the workshop I purchased?

Normally, we have this “72-hour cancellation policy” on Aktively. If you cancel the workshop more than 72 hours before the assigned time of the workshop, we will fully refund you. If you cancel less than 72 hours before the assigned time of the workshop, you may need to pay at least a part of the total price that compensates with the host’s cost on preparing materials, tools, and spaces, etc., if apply. Please contact the host and us to discuss about the refund issue.

Understanding that some hosts may need longer time (for example, one week) or shorter time (for example, 24 hours) to get prepared to the workshop because of the special nature of your expertise, the partial payment as compensation for the host’s cost may vary in different situation. If there is policy written in the host’s profile, please read it in advance and follow it to pay. If there is no specific policy on a host’s profile, please contact host and us to further discuss.


15. May I take another workshop if I cannot make the one I already booked?

Please (1) read the cancellation policy or the host if applies; and (2) refer to the cancellation policy in 14. to find the details. We consider the change of workshop the same as the cancellation of the original workshop.

Of course, you can always discuss with the host and you can reschedule your workshop with the host’s consent.


16. What if the host cancels?

We do NOT allow the host to cancel the workshop less than 72 hours (or the minimum preparation time the host decides, see question 25) before the assigned time of the workshop. If the host does so, the host must fully refund you. If the host does the same thing three times, we will delete his or her account on Aktively.

*We accept the exception that the host provides a convincing reason in advance AND all the participants agree to the cancellation (the writing evidence of both sides must be presented to Aktively).


In the case that the host cancels the workshop more than 72 hours (or the minimum preparation time the host decides, see question 25) before the assigned time of the workshop, the host will either fully refund you, or take your money as credit and arrange the next available time of the same workshop for you. You can negotiate with the host for the solution.


Customer Service


17. What if I have complaint about the workshop?

No problem! We highly appreciate your feedback and critique that help us improve.


If you have complaint, please make sure that it is filed no later than 24 hours after finishing the workshop if there is any refund issue involved. For any complaint within 24 hours after finishing the workshop, we will suspend the payment and will not send to the host until we complete the research with the situation and make final judgement. We will help you both communicate and negotiate on this issue.

If the complaint is filed more than 24 hours after finishing the workshop, the payment will not be suspended, but you can still place a dispute with the host and we can help you negotiate with the host, though we cannot make the final decision.


18. How does Aktively do if any accident occurs to me during the workshop?

Aktively takes the safety of the host and the customer as the top concern of our service. All the workshops are very safe as long as you follow the instructions of the host correctly and carefully.

  • We go through the background checking of both sides for the security of every workshop before the workshop takes place.

  • We ask the host to provide a detailed manual or document of safety to our customers whenever needed, explaining the potential dangers during the workshop and the way of avoiding those dangers by operating correctly and safely. Please DO read it very carefully before the workshop and ask whenever you have question or confusion. DO follow the instructions carefully during the workshop.

  • We check with every host seriously to keep the party size as small as to ensure the host can take care of every participant very well.

  • Be sure to check with the host whether he or she has the liability insurance for the accident or injury during the workshop if you have any concern about it.

Though Aktively are NOT responsible for any property damage, property loss, accident or injury (include but is not limited to) occurring during the workshop, we will strongly encourage every host to consult with his or her insurance company and purchase the independent insurances of the liability for the accidents, the protection from the loss or damage of the private property, etc.


Customize your Workshop


19. Can I request a specific workshop that I dream to do?

Absolutely! Aktively is the place where you can expect your wish comes true. We are designed to welcome all kinds of customized request for a hands-on workshop on making things or performing. The only thing you need to do is to contact the host about what exactly you want to make or do. And the host will help you realize it.


20. Can I place the request of customization if I can’t yet provide very specific data or description of what I want to make? Will Aktively help me out?

No worry, you can place your customization request whenever you feel like.

  • Do let the host know as specific as possible what category and subcategory of skill you want to learn, the details you hope to have in your product making so far, the purpose of your reservation, in what form you want to learn, etc.

  • If you feel difficult to describe the specific information of what you want to learn or make, try to submit some photos containing similar information you found online or somewhere else, which could be very helpful for the host to understand.


21. How to submit customization request on Aktively?

It’s quite simple! There are two options.

  • Each host will list the portfolio on his or her profile page to demonstrate his or her skill set in making. Search keywords, you could find the expertise range as well as the detailed experience of each host by browsing their profile, and then contact the hosts by just clicking the “Contact Me” button on their profile title, you will be able to directly talk to the host your idea, project or question.

  • If you cannot find any host on Aktively capable of teaching the skill you want, or you cannot find the host you are satisfied with working with, no worry! We can find another host for you from our connections. The time it will take is 5-7 days or so.


22. What is the proper price I could expect for a customized workshop?

First, you can see the base hourly rate of each host on his or her profile title. Then you can find out other charges in the host’s description on profile. You can have some idea of the approximate price range. Depending on the details of your customization request, you need to talk to the host directly and negotiate with the host the final price. If agreed by both sides, you can go with a flat rate, or add the labor price and other costs together.

The price of a workshop is generally determined by following factors: the degree of difficulty of the art or craft you would like to do, the materials, the tool, the takeaways, the time and labor of the host, the space rental (if the host needs to rent a space), and the party size of your private group. There are always some special factors in special case.


In negotiating with the host about the price, you can

  • Browse Aktively to see how much a workshop of this skill is charged in the similar or the same area. When you book a customized workshop on your preferred time and style, the price per person is probably higher than the normal one.

  • Calculate the approximate price by separating the total price into the cost of many different factors.

  • Contact us and we are always happy to help.


23. What if I have to cancel the customized request?

(1). If you have yet confirmed with the host you are working with and made the payment, you are good to cancel your request.

(2). If you have already confirmed with the host you are working with and made the payment, you need to remember:

  • If you want to cancel more than 72 hours before the agreed time of your workshop, you can cancel after explaining reasonably to the host.

  • If you want to cancel less than 72 hours before the agreed time of your workshop, your host has right but not obligated to honor your total payment. You can negotiate with the host whether you can transfer this money to the next available time or just get refunded.

  • If you doesn’t show up in the workshop you booked, the host can but not obligated to honor your total payment.


24. Is there any limitation of party size for customized workshop?

You can suirely negotiate with the host in the case of initiating a customized workshop for your private group.


25. Can I, as a customer, also be a host on Aktively?

Of course you can! We are looking forward to receiving your application. Aktively is a community where the makers can easily meet and share with other makers as well as like-minded people. Evert creative expert was also a beginner before and loves to pass on his or her skills and experiences to celebrate the collaboration and creativity. As everyone knows, in today’s world, it’s impossible to make and sell without the community. Please see the section of “FAQs for Host” to learn more about becoming a host.